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Bible facts 3


Excerpted from The Complete Multimedia Bible based on the King James Version.
Copyright (c) 1994 Compton's New Media, Inc.
It is really easy to use and you can look up words and it gives you notes on that subject,
this is what I wanted to share with other people.



Musical Instruments of the Bible

Harp (Gen. 4:21)

Flute (Gen. 4:21)

Ram's Horn Trumpets (Josh. 6:4)

Tambourines (I Sam. 18:6)

Lutes (I Sam. 18:6)

Lytes (I Chron. 16:5)

Cymbals (I Chron. 16:5)

Stringed Instruments (dedications to Psalms such as 4, 6 and 55)

Horn (Dan. 3:5)

Zither (Dan. 3:5)

Pipes (Dan. 3:5)


Animals in the Bible

Birds in the Bible

Donkeys (Gen. 12:16)

Raven (Gen. 8:7)

Cattle (Gen. 12:16)

Dove (Gen. 8:8)

Goats (Gen. 27:9)

Quail (Exod. 16:13)

Horses (Gen. 47:17)

Eagle (Lev. 1:13)

Sea Cow (Exod. 25:5)

Vulture (Lev. 11:13)

Rabbit (Lev. 11:6)

Red Kite (Lev. 11:14)

Pig (Lev. 11:7)

Black Kite (Lev. 11:14)

Bat (Lev. 11:19)

Horned Owl (Lev. 11:16)

Weasel (Lev. 11:29)

Gull (Lev. 11:16)

Rat (Lev. 11:29)

Hawk (Lev. 11:16)

Gazelle (Deut. 12:15)

Owl (Lev. 11:17)

Deer (Deut. 12:15)

Cormorant (Lev. 11:17)

Ox (Deut. 14:4) 

Great Owl (Lev. 11:17)

Roe Deer (Deut. 14:5)

White Owl (Lev. 11:18)

Ibex (Deut. 14:5)

Desert Owl (Lev. 11:18)

Wild Goat (Deut. 14:5)

Osprey (Lev. 11:18)

Antelope (Deut. 14:5)

Stork (Lev. 11:19)

Coney Or Rock Badger (Deut. 14:7)

Heron (Lev. 11:19)

Lion (Judg. 14:5-6)

Hoopoe (Lev. 11:19)

Sheep (I Sam. 16:11)

 Falcon (Deut. 14:13)

Bear (I Sam. 17:34-36)

Sparrow (Ps. 84:3)

Dog (I Sam. 17:43)

Swallow (Ps. 84:3)

Mule (I Kings 1-33)

Screech Owl (Isa. 34:11)

Apes (II Chron. 9-21)

Swift (Isa. 38:14)

Camels (Job 1:3)

Thrush (Isa. 38:14)

Behemoth, Hippo or Elephant (Job 40:15)

Partridge (Jer. 17:11)

Boar (Ps. 80:13)

Hen & Chicks (Matt. 23:37)

Foxes (Song Of Sol. 2:15) 

Rooster (Matt. 26:34)

Jackals (Isa. 34:13)

Pigeons (Luke 2:24)

Hyenas (Isa. 34:14)

Leopard (Jer. 13:23)

Wolves (Matt. 7:15)


Rivers, Lakes, & Seas in the Bible

Abana, River

Arnon, River

Chebar, River (Canal)

Cherith, Brook

Egypt, River of or Brook of

Egypt, Stream of (Nile River)

Euphrates, River

Gihon, River

Hiddekel, River

Jabbok, River

Jordan, River

Kanah, River or Brook

Kidron, Brook

Kishon, River

Pharpar, River

Pison, River

Zared, Brook

Sea of Galilee or Sea of Chinnereth or
Sea of Chinneroth or
Lake of Gennesaret or Lake of Tiberias

East Sea

Salt Sea (Dead Sea) or Sea of the Arabah or Sea of the Plain

Great Sea (Mediterranean Sea)

The Sea