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A page for Jordan

I love you my child my first born.


The long awaited first child to start my mothers heart beating.
You were such a joy to my heart. I had not known such love as there is for a child.
As an infant you were pretty, cute, adorable and such fun to have and cuddle.
You were born with such an independent attitude. Sweet and lovable you were
such a chunk running around in the little ruffled shorts I was always buying you.

You started preschool at three boy did you know who you liked and didn't like.
Remember that teacher you didn't like?
You soaked up learning and you learned everything so fast. Remember the bug phase?
You picked up every bug you could get a hold of. I remember a cute little angel in the daycare
Christmas skit. You were so shy standing up on stage. Everybody always loved you.
Kindergarten you were so ready. I was so proud.