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William Franklin Shiplett





Born in Muskingum County Ohio. Died 7 May 1873. Buried in Asbury Chapel Cemetery Muskingum County Ohio. Co. B 78th O. V. I.
He married Lucy E Martin, 2 Nov 1863 in Muskingum Co Ohio.
Lucy was sister to Emily or Emma Martin Shiplett who married George C Shiplett
Parents of these Martin girls are here



 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's
Mother's Birthplace

 William SHIPLET 

 Self   M   Male   W   40   OH   Laborer   VA   VA 
 Lucy E. SHIPLET   Wife   M   Female   W   34   OH   Keeps House   NJ   NJ 
 Joseph S. SHIPLET   Son   S   Male   W   15   OH      OH   OH 
 William SHIPLET   Son   S   Male   W   13   OH      OH   OH 
 Lametta SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   12   OH      OH   OH 
 Mary A. SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   10   OH      OH   OH 
 Carie L. SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   4   OH      OH   OH 


 Son   S   Male   W   1   OH      OH   OH 



William and Lucy had these children

Anna Lanette Shiplett
Mary Adeline Shiplett
William Walter Shiplett
Francis "Frank" Shiplett
Mabel Shiplett
Carrie L. Shiplett
John Clarence Shiplett
Joseph Sherman Shiplett

Info on each of these children follows below.


Many obituaries for this family on the obituary page


#1. Anna Lanette Shiplett

 who married Perry Crawmer   Their Children are

1. M Child: Walter Oliver Crawmer
Birth:4 Aug 1887   Death: 23 Nov 1960  Spouse: Edna Frizzel
2. F Child: Minnie V. Crawmer Birth: 17 Oct 1889
Spouse Brady Nethers born Sept, 1880 died 1914  #2 Spouse: James  Rogers
Minnie and Brady had Walter L Nethers.
3. M Child: Jesse Lee Crawmer
Birth: 8 Feb 1892 Death: 2 Jul 1977  Spouse: Effie Sines
4. M Child: Homer Earl Crawmer
Birth: 28 Nov 1893  Spouse: Laura Van Horn
5. F Child: Anna Mabel Crawmer
Birth: 15 Nov 1898 Death: 10 Apr 1982  Spouse: Irwin Priest
6. M Child: Bernard Shiplet Crawmer
Birth: 22 Jul 1906 Death: Sep 1982  Spouse: Martha Shelton Spouse: Bernice Flowers

#2. Mary Adeline Shiplett

who married John Parker Brandom  --  Addie and Parker had these children

1. M Child: William J Brandom
Birth: 29 Jun 1890 Spouse: Grace Bates
They had a son Raymond C Brandom.
2. M Child: Perry Brandom
3. M Child: Clarence Brandom
4. F Child: Carrie Brandom who married Carl Porter
5. F Child: Ora Brandom who married ?? Cook

#3. William Walter Shiplett

 who married Laura A Riggle about 1907
Their children are
 William "Martin "Shiplett born 1908
Forrest Shiplett born 1911 married Opal Harrop
Russell Shiplett born 1914 died 1941 married Viola Hittle, she married #2 Walter L Nethers
son of Minnie Crawmer and Brady Nethers

#4. Francis (Frank) M Shiplett

 who married Anna E Riggle.

#5. Mabel Shiplett

 who married Joseph Reber

#6. Carrie L Shiplett

 who married George William Francis
Their Children...
Ethel Mabel Francis  Birth: 12 Nov 1896 Death: 11 Oct 1953 Place: Ohio Spouse: William P Miller
Harry Melvin Francis
Clarence Guy Francis  Spouse: Hilda Amelia Miller

#7. John Clarence Shiplett

 died when he was 2 or under

#8. Joseph H?? Sherman Shiplett

 who married Lillie Stanbury?
Could this Joseph have married a Flora Smyth(e) and had Carl D? and Golda Faye Shiplett
 who married William Sherman Millirons
I have not confirmed this yet.
Joseph Sherman and Laura and Flora are all buried together at Asbury Cemetery.



Hopewell News

Mr. Walter Shiplett, of Gratiot??? and Miss Laura Riggle of Hopewell were married Wednesday Evening at the Mt. Sterling M. R. parsonage by the Rev. Mr. Barnett.  They will reside with the grooms parents for the present. One very peculiar incident of their marriage is the fact that Mr. Shiplett is
the third and the last one of the Shiplett brothers and Miss Riggle is the second and last one of the Riggle sisters married since June 14, 1906.

Here are the Shiplett's that married since then:
Francis M Shiplett married Anna E. Riggle on June 14, 1906
Joseph and Walter were the other two.
Anna and Laura are the two sisters for the Riggle sisters




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