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My Shiplett's of Ohio



Credits to Others
On this page I have had several people help me out.
I received a book telling Rowland Shiplett's
story from Dave Shiplett
Dave is of the line of Simeon Shiplett
One of the ladies who helped work on this book
Rita Shea is of the line that first worked on this book. Rita is of the line of Ephraim Shiplett
Rita Shiplett Shea is now rewriting this book
any and all family members need to send in any stories
photos and or family members names soon.
All obits and or military history would be welcome also.

More Credits
My obits have been received from Lace Lynch
Lace is related to the line of Leroy Swanster.
Lacey has also been sending me all the newspaper
articles on
The Hopewell Page.
   Thank you Lacey for all the help.
Another nice lady helped me Kerri Chamberlain
who sent me copies of all the census reports out of Muskingum County Kerri is of Ephraim's line.

I received info about Asbury church and the cemetery
from Rod Dysinger out of Ohio who is also of Ephraim's line.



The Shipletts of Ohio is now on facebook. Look us up.




My Shiplett's start with three siblings traveling from Va. to Ohio in 1829. 
Rowland, James and Keziah, traveled from Loudoun Co. Va. to Muskingum Co. Ohio, according to all the family stories.

My David Rowland Shiplett married an Elizabeth Franklin on
June 27th 1830 in Muskingum County Ohio.

Keziah Shiplett married James Dollings 15 Aug. 1829 in Muskingum County Ohio

James Shiplett - no record was ever found for him marrying or otherwise.

**Deed that a Shiflet Family Genealogist found in Va.
that a Rowland Shiflet signed as a witness.

**Deed that a Rowland Shiflet and a
William Dollings signed as witnesses in Va.

Marriage records I found in Muskingum County I do not know
who these girls are, but I do believe they could be related.

Lucinda  and Eveline  Shiplet
shiplett_girls_small.JPG (1107 bytes)

Dosbe or maybe Doshe Shiplet

Click the pic to see the larger picture.
Rowland and Elizabeth's marriage listing Muskingum County Marriage book 3
rowland_elizabeth_small.JPG (988 bytes)

Rowland and Family 1850 Census Muskingum County
1850 census picture link


Shipletts of Ohio Obituaries




Hopewell Township






Franklin Family





Simeon Shiplett

James Alfred

Ephraim Rockhold

George Councilman

Leroy Swanster

William Franklin

Elizabeth Ann

Lemetta Ann


Nelson Shiplett

Charles Shiplett








Military Page

David Rowland Shiplett
Born 1813 in Virginia. Died 15 Jan 1886 in Muskingum County Ohio,Nelsons Home. Buried in Mt Sterling Cemetery Muskingum County Ohio.
Occupation Laborer. Religion Methodist.

Rowland and Elizabeth lived in Hopewell Twp. Muskingum County Ohio. Following the link at the left to this page tells the story of the Shiplett's growing up in Hopewell Twsp.


Wonderful new web pages full of old Shiplett Pictures.

This picture of Rowland and Elizabeth is received from
Wescott  Thank you !!!!

Rowland married Elizabeth Franklin, daughter of Charles Franklin
& Catherine Councilman, 27 Jun 1830 in Muskingum County Ohio.
Born 1813 in Virginia. Died 19 Nov 1881 in Muskingum County Ohio.
Buried in Mt Sterling Cemetery Muskingum County Ohio.
Occupation Housewife. Religion Methodist.
Franklin Family web page link is to the left.


Councilman Family Of Maryland

Rowland and Elizabeth had the following children:

i. Simeon Donald Shiplett

ii. Nathan Shiplett; who died young.
Born 1834 in Muskingum Co Ohio. Died Circa 1850. Buried in Mary Martin Farm
Muskingum County Ohio. Religion Methodist. Died young no further info on Nathan.

iii. James Alfred Shiplett

iv. Ephraim Rockhold Shiplett

v. George Councilman Shiplett

vi. Leroy Swanster Shiplett

vii. William Franklin Shiplett

viii. Elizabeth Ann Shiplett

ix. Lemetta Ann Shiplett

x. Eliza Shiplett
Born 1850 in Muskingum County Ohio. Died before 1860 .
Buried in Mary Martin Farm Muskingum County Ohio.
Died young no further info for Eliza.

xi. Nelson Trimble Shiplett

xii. Charles Shiplett



Ok I am now going to give each child of Rowland and Elizabeth their very own page so as not to have such a long page with so much info.
The link is on the left side of this page to each child.

Cyndi's Military page
Relatives that have served in wartimes and peace times
I will list all that I find or that I' am given.
Follow the link on the left side of the page to get to my Military Page






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