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Nelson Trimble Shiplett

Born 26 Mar 1832 in Muskingum County Ohio. Died 16 Apr 1921. He married Amy Hughes, daughter of William Perley (Caleb) Hughes & Amy Allen. Read about Nelsons trip to sign up for the military and what happened to him on his way to town on my Military Page


Some two miles east from the Roland Shiplett's lived the Caleb Hughes family on a small farm.
Young 25-year-old Nelson Shiplett, Roland's oldest son, had become very, very fond of Caleb's daughter, 17-year-old Miss Amy Hughes.
As this will end up in a wedding, let's check back on the parentage of young Amy.
Nelson Trimble Shiplett at birth he weighed but 2 pounds, and his aunt could tuck him in her slipper and set a teacup over his tiny head. Nelson received his middle name from a Methodist minister, Joseph M. Trimble, who was born April 15, 1807, in Woodford County, Kentucky, and who died May 6, 1891 in Columbus, Ohio. Where the Shipletts knew Rev. Trimble is not known. Nothing is known of Nelson's youth, but somewhere along the line he became a skilled potter, attaining a proficiency beyond the average. It being prior to the invention of pottery machinery, all work was done on treadle machines and molding was done by hand. Unquestionably, he, along with other Shiplett boys, worked in the coal banks, so numerous in that vicinity.
This trade most of the Shipletts followed throughout their active lives.
On several occasions Nelson drove cattle, hogs and turkeys to Philadelphia, which tedious jaunt, by foot, was about 425 miles. Care had to be taken, or your livestock would be stolen during the night.

On June 7, 1857, Nelson married Amy Hughes, born July 2, 1840. They were married in the old house on the Caleb Hughes farm where Amy was born, by Rev. Sherrard of Mt. Sterling.
Elizabeth and Eli Weingartner stood up with the young couple.
(Years later, this same pair were to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of the Nelson Shiplett's in this very same house.) Nelson and his bride started keeping house up at the top of the hill - just south from Caleb's house, and a few hundred feet from where the old mail box stood. This house has long since gone.
Nelson was tall and thin like his father Roland, while Amy was rather short and

resembled her father, Caleb Hughes. Nelson was considerably spirited as a youth, and his young wife was greatly embarrassed once at a picnic when he knocked a man down.


 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Nelson SHIPLET   Self   M   Male   W   47   OH   Farmer   VA   MD 
 Amy SHIPLET   Wife   M   Female   W   40   OH   Keeps House   PA   NY 
 Eliza SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   22   OH      OH   OH 
 Mary SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   15   OH      OH   OH 
 Sarah SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   12   OH      OH   OH 
 Luetha SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   10   OH      OH   OH 
 Welcom SHIPLET   Son   S   Male   W   5   OH      OH   OH 
 Anie SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   2   OH      OH   OH 
 Nellie SHIPLET   Dau   S   Female   W   2M   OH      OH   OH 
 Amy HUGHS   MotherL   W   Female   W   80   OH      NY   NY 
 Marthy HUGHS   SisterL   S   Female   W   20   OH      OH   OH 

Source Information:

Census Place  Hopewell, Muskingum, Ohio
Family History Library Film  1255054
NA Film Number  T9-1054
Page Number   123A    

Nelsons Children listed below

#1Eliza Ellen Shiplett;

Born 4 Jul 1858. Died 21 Jun 1938.
She married James Edward Wharton, 20 Apr 1887 in Muskingum Co Ohio. Born 26 Dec 1857.
Died 3 Nov 1934 in Muskingum Co Ohio. They had no children

#2 Emily Jane Shiplett.

Born 2 Oct 1860 in Muskingum Co, Ohio. Died 14 Jun 1921 in Enid OK.
She married J Ross Simpson. Born 12 Jul 1857. Died 12 Apr 1930 in Enid Oklahoma
Emily Jane and J Ross had these children
Constance Simpson married Bert Thompson
Eva Simpson married Lee Colson
Guy Simpson
Ross Wesley Simpson;
Charlotte Simpson;
Ruth Simpson; Born 8 Aug 1894. She married Newsome.

#3 Charles E Shiplett;

 Born 11 Mar 1863. Died 1864.

 #4 Mary Catherine (Maid) Shiplett.

Born 3 Jun 1865 in Muskingum Co Ohio. Died 7 Mar 1940.
She first married Shelby Atwell who died  in 1903.

Maid and Shelby had these children

#1 Amy Atwell married Ed Fink 
#2 Delbert Atwell born Dec 13 1892 married Edna Wince born April 1 1894
#3 Dorothy Atwell

Mary Catherine (Maid) Shiplett married #2 Emmett Hersey.

#5 Sarah Melissa ( Kate) Shiplett.

Born 2 Dec 1867. Died in Seattle Washington. Buried in Seattle Washington.
She first married Adelbert Stoner, in Illinois.  He was born July 26, 1863 and died April 39, 1894.
 They had one child that survived
 birth named Erma Catherine Stoner -born Jan,30, 1889 in Belvidere, IL.
She died on July 17, 1946 from an accidental fall at the house

Erma married Harvey Austin Witteman in Seattle on April 15, 1908. 

Their children were:
  Delbert Witteman-born Dec. 5,1908, died on his birthday Dec. 5, 1994. Lived most of his life at Randle, WA.
 Raymond Witteman-born June 6, 1913 died Jan. 12, 1930 in a terrible sledding accident on Queen Anne Hill,
 Seattle that also took his girlfriend's life.
Doris Fay Witteman  born June 22, 1919 married James Edward Walker on Aug. 13, 1938
.  They have lived their entire life in Seattle.
Kate and Adelbert had this child below
Erma Stoner

Kate married second Irwin O Fay. 2nd marriage for Sarah-June 9, 1896 to Irwin Allen Fay,
born Aug. 8, 1871 Belvidere,IL died Dec. 13, 1945 in Seattle
 Buried in Seattle Washington.

  They had one child:
  Boyd Fay- born Feb. 10, 1901 died Feb. 1930 married Ella Mae Farrow in
 1918 and had one son Eugene A. Fay born Oct,23, 1919.  He still lives in Seattle.

#6 Louetta (Lou) Shiplett.

Born 12 Sep 1870. Died 17 Feb 1937.
She married Alfred Martin. Died 14 Oct 1928 in
 Columbus Ohio.

Louetta and Alfred had these children
Musa Martin
Fanny Martin
Axie Martin
Dewey Martin
Charles (Bud) Martin
Luetta Martin; Born 15 Mar 1903. Died 1913.
Thelma Martin

#7 Welcome Morrison (Wec) Shiplett.

Born 12 Aug 1874. Died 2 May 1931. He married Dorothy Shupe, 1921.

Welcome and Dorothy had these children
Leroy Shupe Shiplett;
Beverly Shupe Shiplett;
Marjorie Shiplett; Born 7 Aug 1924.
Nellie Geneva Shiplett; Born 24 Sep 1926.
Katherine Shiplett;
Nancy Lee Shiplett; Born 16 Nov 1931.

#8 William Shiplett

William died in Age 6 weeks.

#9 Axie Geneva Shiplett.

Born 4 Jul 1877. Died 21 Nov 1955 in Belvidere Illinois. She married Fred Hall, 3 May 1894.
Born 4 Feb 1859. Died 17 Jul 1946.

Axie and Fred had these children

Raymond Douglas Hall Born 17 Oct 1895. Died 8 Nov 1926.
Ralph Fred Hall
Frank Nelson Hall
Edith Geneva Hall

#10 Nellie Avis Shiplett.

Born 12 May 1880. Died 12 Nov 1952 in White Cottage Ohio.
She married RS (State) Van Allen. Died Sep 1947 in White Cottage Ohio.

Nellie and State had these children

Daniel Nelson Van Allen married Helen Nicely and Myrtle Williams
Clyde Van Allen married Loren Evans and Betty Tom
Amy Van Allen married Claude Jack Ferguson
Mary Frances Van Allen married Emmett Shiplett
Jennie Van Allen married Joseph Scott

#11 Edward Mansfield Shiplett.

Born 1 Jul 1883.He married Mary Williams, 10 Mar 1906. Died 7 Mar 1940.

Edward and Mary had one child
Dorothy Shiplett, Dorothy married James Kuhn and had two sons.









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