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My Personal Belief

I am a Christian who believes in Jesus Christ being the only way to heaven and to get there you have to give your life to God and ask Jesus into your heart and ask Gods forgiveness for all the things you have done wrong in your life. Please give your life to God and enjoy eternity in Heaven.

I wanted to dedicate all my web pages to the Son of Almighty God the Savior of my life and the one source of all my peace in this crazy world. Do you have Jesus in your life? Having Jesus can only make your life better.
Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of our sins.
Accepting Jesus into our lives assures us of life everlasting in the wonderful Heavens above when we leave our lives here on the earth.

You know I totally believe man was made good GOD would not create man to have him being born evil It is our choices in life that lead us...GOD did give all us free will in hopes that we would choose to LOVE him and accept him into our hearts
I believe satan puts all the roadblocks in our paths to lead us away from GOD and become bitter.
A person can either grow in Grace from all the
hardships or he can become bitter towards life and GOD.

God does not create our problems we do by the way we the choices we make... GOD does not give us sickness and diseases we do when he died on the cross for us he told us by HIS stripes we were healed.

You know I try to be happy , I believe in positive feelings
I truly believe that anything mean, cruel ,or self centered is not of GOD.

I believe someone out there has to have hope in this world if we didn't I am not sure this world would go on as it is. I believe in being happy as much as I can I totally believe that staying positive and having faith in life and God  will keep you from going crazy in this world of ours.

I hate negative energy and I believe if you sit around feeling sorry for yourself all the time and always saying your sick will make you unhappy and unhealthy. I believe if we say can happen.
I completely believe that if people were nicer to each other and treated people with more respect our world would be a better place in which to live in. With all that has happened in the world lately I truly wonder what is happening to all the people in this world...what are we teaching our children?
Why are so many people filled with hatred? Why do so many people have no self esteem?
I wonder maybe all the people in this world should start treating all the other people around them with Love and Respect as they would want to be treated.  Jesus did say above all love another
....Love your neighbors as you would love yourself

We all have to start changing this world somehow.
We need to put God back in the schools, if we can teach
the theory of evolution why cant they teach the  theory of creation?
I have taught my children to never believe in the theory of evolution as they will be taught and instead told them that GOD created this world and no other.
Please pray for this nations schools.


~Let His Light Shine~

..."I am the light of the world.
He who follows Me
shall not walk in darkness,
but have the light of life".
John 8:12
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