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Biblical Facts


Excerpted from The Complete Multimedia Bible based on the King James Version.
Copyright (c) 1994 Compton's New Media, Inc.
I love this CD you just put a word in to look up and you get a whole page of verses to look thru.
 For this page I looked up the words at the top.



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Bible Facts 2

Names of God from the Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament:

~ Adonai -  Psalms 2:4
 Lord, Master El-Berith - Judges 9:46
God of the Covenant El Elyon - Genesis 14:18-20
Most High God El Olam - Genesis 21:33
 The Eternal God El Shaddai - Genesis 17:1-2
All Powerful God Qedosh Yisra'el - Isaiah 1:4
The Holy One of Israel Shapat - Genesis 18:25
Judge/Ruler Yahweh-jereh - Genesis 22:14
Yahweh Provides Yahweh-seba'ot - 1 Samuel 1:3
Yahweh of Armies Yahweh-shalom - Judges 6:24
Yahweh is Peace Yahweh-tsidkenu -  Jeremiah 23:6
Yahweh Our Righteousness ARAMAIC ~ Attiq yomin - Daniel 7:9
Ancient of Days Lllaya - Daniel 7:25  Most High



The Sacrificial System was comprised of five different offerings. They are:

The Burnt Offering ~ Lev 1;6:8-13
The Grain Offering ~ Lev 2;6:14-23
The Fellowship Offering ~ Lev 3;7:11-36
The Sin Offering ~ Lev 4:1-5:13;6:24-30;12:6-8
The Guilt Offering ~ Lev 5:14-6:7;7:1-6;14:12-18



 I am a Christian who believes in Jesus Christ being the only way to heaven and to get there you have to give your life to God and ask Jesus into your heart and ask Gods forgiveness for all the things you have done wrong in your life. Please give your life to God and enjoy eternity in Heaven.

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