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Simeon D. Shiplett
of Muskingum and Fayette County Ohio

Simeon D.  Shiplett

Born 15 Sep 1832 in Muskingum County Ohio. Died Jun 1912. Buried in Fayette County Ohio. Religion Methodist. Simeon served in the military. Visit my military page.


 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Simeon SHIPLY   Self   M   Male   W   47   VA   Farmer   VA   VA 
 Hester SHIPLY   Wife   M   Female   W   47   OH   Housekeeper   OH   OH 
 Simeon SHIPLY   Son   S   Male   W   16   OH   Farm Hand   ---   --- 
 Dora SHIPLY   Dau      Female   W   14   OH      ---   --- 
 Effa SHIPLY   Dau   S   Female   W   11   OH      ---   --- 

Source Information:
Census Place Marion, Fayette, Ohio
Family History Library Film 1255014
NA Film Number
Page Number

Event: a history of Fayette County Biography 1881 OH, Fayette Co

Note: "Simeon Shiplett, farmer, is a son of Rolland Shiplett, a native of Virginia, who came to this state at the age of twenty-one, settling in Muskingum County, where he still resides. He married Elizabeth Franklin, who born him twelve children, of whom ten are living: Nelson, Simeon, Lennetta Ann, Alfred, William, Charles, Ephraim, George, Elizabeth, Leroy. The deceased are Nathan F. and Eliza. Both parents are living. Our subject was born September 15, 1834, in Muskingum County, where he remained till attaining his majority, when he removed to this county. May 22, 1856, he married Hester Ann Bates, of this county. They had seven children: Mary Elizabeth, William Austin, Eliza Jane, Johnnie Martin, Simeon R., Dora B., and Effie. William A., Eliza J., and John M. have passed away. In 1862 he enlisted in Company K, 90th O.V.I. and remained till the close of the war, participating in the battles of Stone River, Chickamauga, Resaca, Franklin, Tennessee, and Nashville. Was a good soldier, and deserves honorable mention in these pages. He owns twenty-eight acres of land on the Waterloo and Holland road, mostly in a good state of cultivation. Is a Republican, and has held the office of constable for several years. Is a respectable farmer, and good citizen."

Simeon married Hester Anna Bates, 19 May 1856 in Fayette Co Ohio.

Simeon and Hester had these children

i. Simeon R Shiplett; Born 3 Mar 1863 in Fayette County Ohio.
Death: 12 Feb 1924 Place: Pickaway County Ohio
More info on Simeon below.

ii. Mary Elizabeth Shiplett; Born 1858 in Fayette County Ohio. She married Elza Coy
(Fathers obit says Elza Carr)
Marriage Date: 1 Mar 1894 Marriage Place: Fayette County Ohio

iii. Dora B Shiplett; Born 1866 in Fayette County Ohio. She married Melvin Bryan.
Marriage Date: 25 Dec 1890 Marriage Place: Fayette County Ohio

iv. Effie Shiplett; Born 14 Feb 1869 in Fayette County Ohio.

v. Myrta Shiplett; Born Jul 1883 in Fayette County Ohio.
Myrta died, 11 JUL 1983 in OH, Fayette Co, Washington Courthouse

vi. William Austin Shiplett; Born 1860 in Fayette County Ohio. Died before 1880

vii. Johnnie Martin Shiplett; Born 1875 in Fayette County Ohio. Died before 1880

viii. Eliza Jane Shiplett; Born 1872 in Fayette County Ohio. Died before 1880


Second generation

Simeon R Shiplett married 1st Spouse Ella Dawson
#2 Wife: Myrta Estella Barber  Marriage: 26 Apr 1911 Place: Pickaway County Ohio

Obituary ABT 15 FEB 1924 OH, Pickaway Co, New Holland

Note:  unknown newspaper:

Simeon R Shiplett Dies Suddenly - Passes Away Before Physician Arrives. New Holland, Feb 12. Death suddenly claimed Mr. Simeon Shiplett, 61 at his home here Tuesday morning at one o'clock. Mr. Shiplett, who lived alone, became ill during the night and went to the house of his sisters, Miss Effie, and Miss Myrta, living next door, for assistance. He was suffering with his heart. A call was sent for a physician but Mr. Shiplett died before he could arrive. He is survived by one son, Paul Edward, and four sisters, Miss Effie, Miss Myrta, Mrs Melvin Bryant living here and Mrs. Elza Carr of Chillicothe. The funeral service will be held Thursday afternoon at one o'clock at the Christian Union Church and burial will be made in the local cemetery. Rev...(unreadable).

Child of Myrta and Simeon R Shiplett

2 i. Paul Edward Shiplett


Dora Shiplett married Melvin Bryan
Marriage Date: 25 Dec 1890 Marriage Place: Fayette County Ohio

  Dora and Melvin had this child
Cary E Bryan 30 NOV 1891 in OH  Cary married Mary A about 1913 Ohio
They had these children

Edgar Bryan born 1914 June 14
living private
living private
Paul Bryan born 8 Sept 1918 Ohio

Third Generation

1. Paul Edward Shiplett. Born 10 Dec 1913 in Fayette County Ohio. Died 14 Feb 1992 in Avon Park Fl.

He married Elsie Regina Mershon (Jennie) Name Change To Marchand.

They had the following children:

Dixie Lee Shiplett  Born 4 Sep 1941 in Fayette County Ohio. Dixie was killed 1985 in Cal.
Dixie left behind 6 children.

Female private Living

Paul married second Arlene Bernice Kintz
They had a son who is still living.



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