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Franklin's of MD and Ohio

First generation

Charles Franklin married Catherine Councilman 26 April 1792 in Baltimore Md.
Charles was believed to have been a second cousin to Benjamin Franklin
(as per family stories)
Charles was born 1769 MD. Parents unknown.

My Councilman Family of Maryland webpage.

In the past couple of weeks I have gotten email giving me the names of people who could be Charles Franklins father.

James Franklin born to Thomas and Ruth Wilmot Franklin

Benjamin Franklin child of Thomas and Ruth Hammond Franklin Thomas 's 
second wife.

Another name would be Charles Franklin who married Hannah Harsh 19 April 1756

I so far can not find any marriages for James or
Benjamin Franklin on the IGI's or MD marriage books in my library.

Charles and Catherine soon after most of the children were
born made their way to Ohio by way of Virginia as their youngest daughter is recorded as having been born in Va.

Charles is credited with having been one of the first families in Ohio
and Charles along with a group of neighbors started the Asbury Methodist Chapel in Hopewell Twp.
 of Muskingum county Ohio. 

One of the earliest settlers of Muskingum County, Ohio. The land they settled was 3 or 4 miles southwest of Mt. Sterling on the Martin Rd.
They built their log cabin just back of what is now called the old Barnett watering trough. There is a record of him purchasing 153 acres in Muskingum county on June 22, 1807.

Formed a Methodist group that met in his and others' homes. Later built the Methodist Asbury Chapel, still in use today.
According to a will dated July 1794, Charles had a bequest of land from his father-in-law, George Councilman.

Died from a falling timber while helping to raise a new log barn on the Penn farm, Muskingum County, Ohio

From the Muskingum County Footprints, page 8: "The Franklin family was remembered as earnest Christian people, fervid in prayer and sweet singers.
The latter characteristic clings to the fourth generation." This statement was made during the Centenary Celebration of the Asbury Methodist Church, of which he was a founder.


Charles Franklin born in 1769 MD traveled to Ohio after 1820 and before 1830
In a history of Muskingum County
Charles Franklin is mentioned as having been one of it's first settlers.
A tale has been handed down that the Franklins were driving along with their team of oxen and covered wagon looking for a home site.
One early morning the Franklin family came to a spring pool alive with wild turkeys drinking , it was a beautiful, likely looking spot .
Catherine Franklin, Charles wife descended from the wagon for a better look, found the frost most cold to her feet but decided this was the place for her home.


Owned land next to the Councilmans in Baltimore in the 1600s.

More history of Charles is at the bottom of this page.

Stories taken from the Shiplett Book I was given.
Come read about life in the early days of the Shipletts and Franklins after arriving in Ohio.
There is a comment on the Franklins having crossed the Famous Y Bridge
in Muskingum County to find their new homestead.


Charles and Catherine Franklin had seven children
Listed they are ...

Nancy Franklin
Cassandra Franklin
Ruth Franklin
Catherine Franklin
Hezekiah Franklin
Simeon Franklin
Elizabeth Franklin


Nancy Franklin

has her own page here

Cassandra Franklin

has her own page here

Ruth Franklin

married Cornelius Anderson 21 April 1831 Ohio
Their Child is
Benjamin F Anderson

Catherine Franklin

Catherine Franklin married Edward Erwin 9 Oct 1824 Ohio

Hezekiah Franklin

His own page here

Simeon Franklin

Has his own page here

Elizabeth Franklin

Elizabeth Franklin married Rowland Shiplett
Their story continues on the Shiplett Page




Information on the early Franklins comes from a book written by the Shiplett descendants in the 1960's and work done by other Franklin researchers.
Marriages in Baltimore were found in a book called Marriages in Baltimore MD 1700-1800
History of Muskingum County Ohio found in the library of Muskingum county Ohio recalls the history of Hopewell Township and the building of Asbury Chapel Methodist Church in Hopewell.
 Charles was one of the Original members and builders of the church.
Charles died before 1850 during the raising of a local
barn and was buried on the Mary Jane Martin Farm in Hopewell Township
along with his wife Catherine and Nathan Shiplett a grandson. Descendants of Charles bought this farm and the cemetery was plowed under and nothing remains of the farm or cemetery.


Franklin Family Researchers.

Franklin Genforum




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