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Hezekiah Franklin

Born on 8 Aug 1798 in Baltimore County, Md. Hezekiah died in Dundas Hamden, Vinton Co., Ohio, on 26 Feb 1855; he was 56.

On 26 Dec 1822 when Hezekiah was 24, he married Mary Funk, daughter of Jacob Funk & Julianne, in Zanesville, Ohio.
Born on 17 May 1801 in Sciota, Ohio. Born on 17 May 1801. Mary died in 1878; she was 76.

They had the following children:

 i. Julia A. (1824-1912)
ii. Catherine (1826-)
iii. Lewis F. (1828-1910)
 iv. Mariah (1831-)
v. Harriet (1833-1906)
vi. Charles (1835-1864)
vii. Jacob Wesley (1838-1918)
viii. Susan (1840-1925)
ix. John Fletcher (1843-1926)
x. George W. (1845-)


 i. Julia A. (1824-1912) Born on 13 Feb 1824. Julia A. died in Nashville, Kingman Co.,, KS, on 24 Jun 1912; she was 88. Buried on 27 Jun 1912 in Nashville, Kingman Co.,, KS.

On 25 Jan 1849 when Julia A. was 24, she married Josiah Brill, son of Henry Brill & Catherine Arnold, in Salem, Pike Co., OH. Born on 8 Sep 1825 in Salesbury, Guernsey Co., OH. Josiah died in Nashville, Kingman Co., KS, on 16 Nov 1908; he was 83.

They had the following children:

 i. Lewis Sylvester (1850-)
ii. Mary (~1852-)
 iii. Henry Hezekiah (1855-)
iv. John (~1857-)
v. Mary C. (~1858-)
 vi. Melissa (~1859-)
vii. Sarah (~1861-)

ii. Catherine (1826-) Born on 26 Oct 1826.
Catherine married Charles TRAPHAGAN.

Their Children are

William Traphagan
 Richard Traphagan

iii. Lewis F. (1828-1910) Born on 21 Jan 1828. Lewis F. died on 12 Apr 1910; he was 82
 iv. Mariah (1831-) Born on 12 Apr 1831 in Ohio.
On 7 Oct 1850 when Mariah was 19, she married Harry Eutsler, in Vinton Co., OH.

They had the following children:

 i. John W.
ii. Harriet C.
iii. Sanford B.
iv. Mary Jane

v. Harriet (1833-1906) Born on 12 Jun 1833. Harriet died on 12 Aug 1906; she was 73.
Harriet married Thomas Winters.

Their children are
James Winters
Mary Winters 
Newton Winters
Samuel Winters
William Winters
Alfred Winters

vi. Charles (1835-1864) Born on 3 Nov 1835 in Muskingum Co., OH. Charles died in West Virginia during the Civil War, on 10 Jan 1864; he was 28. Buried in in an unmarked grave in Virginia.

Charles Franklin was a farm laborer on the farm owned by Sara Haltermans father. They were married Jan. 13, 1859 in Pike County by Wilson Westfall. On Sept. 7, 1862, he enlisted in the Union Army of the Civil War at Ironton, Ohio, and was assigned to the 91st Ohio Infantry Regiment, Company G. He died at Fayetteville, WV on Jan. 10, 1864 of Typhoid Fever. His minor children received a pension of $10 per month until they were 16 years of age. When Sarah remarried, a guardian was appointed for them for pension purposes. His physical description on the pension papers is that he was 61-3/4 tall, with blue eyes and sandy hair.

On 13 Jan 1859 when Charles was 23, he married Sarah Ellen Halterman, in Pike Co., Ohio, by Wilson Westfall. Born abt. 1839.

They had the following children:

 i. Harriet (1860-)

ii. Eli Hezekiah (1862-1936)

 Born on 16 Jul 1862 in Beaver, Pike Co., OH. Eli Hezekiah died in Charleslton, Kanawth Co., WV, on 28 Jul 1936; he was 74. Buried in Spring Hill Cemetery.On 1 Nov 1885 when Eli Hezekiah was 23, he married Mahala Jane RUSSELL, daughter of Hezekiah RUSSELL & Mahala GROVES, in Pike Co., OH. Born in Sep 1866.

They had the following children:
i. Amy F. (1886-)
 ii. Cloda E. (1888-)
 iii. Charles H. (1892-)
iv. Goldie M. (1894-)
v. Lula Esther (1899-)
vi. Russell
vii. John Benjamin (1903-1934)

vii. Jacob Wesley (1838-1918) Born on 1 Jan 1838 in Zanesville, OH. Jacob Wesley died in Louis, Cass Co., IA, on 16 Jan 1918; he was 80. Buried in Louis, Cass Co., IA.

On 22 Oct 1868 when Jacob Wesley was 30, he married Mary Ray. Born on 28 Sep 1848 in Jackson Co., OH. Mary died in Louis, IA, on 12 Jun 1893; she was 44.

They had these children

i. James Ray (1869-1949)
Frederick Homer
Elmer Elsworth
Luella May
William Ernest
Jessie Pearl

viii. Susan (1840-1925) Born on 14 Jul 1840. Susan died in 1925; she was 84.
Susan married Isaac Winters

ix. John Fletcher (1843-1926)

Born in 1825 in Ohio. Born on 24 Jan 1843 in Vinton Co., Ohio. John Fletcher died in Vinton Co., Ohio, on 13 Feb 1926; he was 83.

On 22 Aug 1865 when John Fletcher was 22, he first married Panthaah Berylla Cherrington, daughter of Jeptha CHERRINGTON & Sarah Webster KERR, in Camba, Jackson Co., OH. Born on 2 Nov 1848 in Jackson Co., OH. Panthaah Berylla died in Griswold, IA, on 7 Feb 1914; she was 65.

They had the following children:

 i. Clarence Orville (1866-1955)
ii. Charles Melville (1866-1954)
iii. Cora Olivia (1868-1943)
iv. John Milton (1870-1949)
v. Sanford Perle (1872-1891)
vi. Mary Edith (1873-1953)
 vii. Alicia L.
 viii. Leroy Wesley (1878-1904)
ix. Henry Hezekiah (1882-1905)
x. Elizabeth Ellen (1884-1908)
xi. Harrison Grant (1888-)
xii. Anna Louisa (1876-1957)

On 30 Oct 1915 when John Fletcher was 72, he second married Belle SALTS, in Dundas, OH. Born abt 1865 in Vinton Co., OH.

x. George W. (1845-)

Born on 24 Feb 1845.

Military Service: George W. Franklin

Residence was not listed; 19 years old.
Enlisted on 5/2/1864 as a Private.
On 5/13/1864 he mustered into "D" Co. OH 151st Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 8/27/1864 at Camp Chase, OH

Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.:
- Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio
(c) Historical Data Systems, Inc. @

George W. married Tina EDWARDS.





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