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Nancy Ann Franklin

born 1792 Baltimore MD, married Ferdinand G Shue Aug 10 1820 Ohio.
Their children are

Caroline Ruth Shue
B. Benjamin Franklin Shue
C. John Shue who married Sarah Michaels
D. Harriet Shue
E. Isabella Shue who married Mahlon Griffith
F. Hester Ann Shue who married Ausburn Shaw
G. Elizabeth Shue
H. William Shue


Their lines below

Caroline Ruth Shue

Born in Oct 1834 in Newark, Ohio. Caroline Ruth died in Jacksonville State Hospital, IL, on 20 May 1913; she was 78. Buried in Walters Cemetery, Dewitt County, Ill.

Caroline Ruth married Joshua OSBORN. Born in 1831 in Muskingum Co., Ohio.

Benjamin Franklin Shue

Born in 1821 in Hopewell, Muskingum Co., OH

 John Shue

Born on 3 Feb 1833 in Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio.
On 3 Jun 1858 when John was 25, he married Sarah Michaels, in Bloomington, McLean C., IL.

They had the following children:

 i. Austin Richey (1859-)
ii. John Alexander Logan (1867-)
iii. Isabella (1861-)
iv. Mary Jane (1865-)
 v. Ulysses Simpson Grant (1869-)
vi. Edward (1873-)
vii. Martha Ellen (1874-)
viii. Almeda (1876-)
ix. Frederick Clyde (1878-)

Harriet Shue

Born in 1831 in Ohio. Harriet died in Jacksonville State Hospital, IL, on 5 Feb 1908; she was 77. Buried on 8 Feb 1908 in Walters Cemetery, Dewitt County, Ill.

On 1 Feb 1861 when Harriet was 30, she married John N. Lewis, in Muskingum Co., Ohio.

Isabella Shue

Born on 15 Jul 1827 in Ohio.

On 23 Jul 1850 when Isabella was 23, she married Mahlon Griffith, in Muskingum Co., Ohio.

 Hester Ann Shue

Born on 14 May 1823 in Hopewell, Muskingum Co., OH

Hester Ann married Ausburn Shaw.

Elizabeth Shue


William Shue

Born in 1829 in Ohio


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