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Cyrus Marion Shiplett





Cyrus and Cora had these children ...

Homer Shiplett
Whipple Marion Shiplett
Alfred A Shiplett
Elsie Marie Shiplett
Mabel Velma Shiplett
Mary Esther Shiplett
Leonard Murray Shiplett


Hammonds have their own story here.





Now has his own page here.

who married Mary Catherine Stalter

Homer and Mary Catherine had these children

Harold Justin Shiplett who died 1997
Robert Eugene Shiplett who died 1974
Donald Francis Shiplett who died 1987
John Thomas Shiplett who died 1990
Mary Shiplett Avelino who died 1997
Leo Francis Shiplett died Sept 11 2002

more who are still living ...private.

Whipple Marion

Whipple has his won page here.

Whipple (Barney) married Catherine Bormouth on Sept 9th 1919 at St Josephs Church in Tiffin Ohio
Whipple was born Oct 4 1894 in Ohio ,Whipple died May 9 1944
Catherine Bormouth was born April 10 1896 Catherine died Oct 14 1976

Whipple and Catherine had these children..

Joseph Marion Shiplett 7 -7 -20 / 1-10-1983
William Frederick Shiplett 9-7-21/10-5-1998
Female living born 1923
Helen Odilia Shiplett 2-24-1926/12-27-1998
Charles Eugene Shiplett 6-23-1927/ 2-25-99
Female living born1928
Patricia Louise Shiplett 2-14-1931/ 1-25-1979
Gerald Louis Shiplett 7-9-1932/ 9-18-1984
Male living born 1938
Female living born 1940
Female living born1940

Alfred A March 20, 1898 - July 3, 1917

A story about Alfred is he was 19 when he saved a life and lost his own.
Alfred was working at the mines when he saw a coal bucket falling and pushed another man out of the way only to be killed by the coal bucket himself. The man was left with a scar running the length of his face but he was still alive.

Buried at St. Josephs Catholic Church Perry County Ohio

Elsie Marie

Elsie Marie Shiplett who married John Dunkle
Elsie and John had three children.
Robert Dunkle
Carl Dunkle
Purl Dunkle

Mabel Velma  

married David Slanaker

Mabel and David had three children:
William Slanaker
Shirley Ann Slanaker (died very young)
James Edward Slanaker


Mary Esther

married Lewis Stalter

Leonard Murray


married Mildred C Boley.
Leonard Murray Shiplett
my grandfather was born 21 Sept 1909 in
Perry County Ohio, grandpa died 1 May 1982 in Perry County Ohio and he is buried at
Greenlawn Memorial Gardens in Perry County Ohio.

Grandpa married Mildred Catherine Boley who was born 24 May 1914 in
Perry County Ohio daughter of
Victor Vincent Boley and Mary Frances Groff ,

Grandma died 17 May 1996 and she is buried at
Greenlawn Memorial Gardens in
Perry County Ohio.
Leonard and Mildred were married 11 Nov. 1930 at St. Patrick's Church in
Perry County Ohio.



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